Speaker FAQs

  1. How long are sessions?

    General sessions are 45 minutes and should include 10-15 minutes for audience QnA. Some sessions may run at 15 minute and 30-minute increments so check the track description.

  2. How are speakers compensated?
    Speakers are not compensated, we are unable to provide for speaker's travel expenses or offer a speaker fee. However, we do offer early-bird ticket pricing.

  3. Is there a special room for speakers to prepare to speak?
    Yes! We are providing a speaker room for speakers to relax, grab a coffee, and mentally prepare to present.

  4. Session recording
    Sadly no. :( Since DrupalCamps happen at a tight budget,  we are unable to provide session audio-video recording. We are trying our best to get it done but so far it is not possible.

  5. What permissions do I need to present?
    Ensure you have explicit permission to share your company/client information, or at what level is appropriate to share. Proposing a session without permission is grounds for session cancellation.