Web accessibility for all is imperative and it shouldn't cost you a bomb to design one.

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Frontend & Web Design
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Cost of accessibility compliance rises as we go further down the project delivery funnel. It is relatively economical and optimal if addressed at the very beginning, that is the design phase. Designing a product that meets the requirements for accessibility, does not require any additional cost or efforts, hence it is not expensive and difficult.

As a designer, I will talk about the power we have, to help everyone have access to what we create regardless of ability, context or situation. I will elaborate on how to make accessibility a part of your design research, where you can verify if your assumptions concerning accessibility are right and if there are any potential opportunities to improve. I will also bring in some examples from my experience of working with the team in building the design system for Drupal Administration.

As designers, it is our responsibility to champion accessibility, ensuring a smooth journey to building a usable product for all.