From a Team Member to First Time Manager

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Business & Leadership
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As fancy as being a manager sounds, the grass is not so greener on the other side. While the new position implies added work responsibilities, what no one tells you is - it requires learning a whole new skill set. 

Perhaps that’s why 60% of new managers underperform during their first two years on the job. 

For those of us who weren’t born leaders, the ability to manage (as a leader) and carry forward through a transition period (esp) is vital to both personal growth and team success.

But the challenge is an absence of guidance. How do you plan to sail through? 

In the session, the speaker takes the audience through the challenges she went through in her transition period, adjusting life as a manager, sandwiched between the top level leadership and team. 

She talks about: 

  1. How to make a transition plan?
  2. Understanding the consequences and the larger goal
  3. Identifying and choosing the leadership style
  4. Finding ways to engaging the team/people involved in the transition crisis
  5. Communicating like a manager, not a team member

Are you a newly promoted manager? Or someone who will be promoted soon? Come join the session and get your much-needed pep talk.