Revitalizing Drupal 8 Admin UI: Claro

Session Track
Frontend & Web Design
Skill level

An Admin Theme should be Organized and user-friendly so, components are easily accessible.

Principles behind the birth of Claro
A confident, Precise and Strong Contrast theme
Predictable patterns and react to inputs
Room to breathe, while avoiding sterility and emptiness 

Claro is  Upcoming default Admin Theme for Drupal 8 Which is said to be designed with clean lines, simple blocks, and sans-serif font to emphasize the tools and tasks at hand. 

Claro uses the base theme as classy, various template overrides are being made in this template which includes overrides from Admin, block, filter, form and navigation.

Advantages and Topics of Discussion include:
Why Claro?
Why is Claro Different from other Admin Themes
When and When not to go for claro as Admin theme
Customizing claro
Creating a custom sub-theme from Claro.