Pregenerate Drupal - Running a website with Decoupled Drupal with a Fallback Strategy

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Beyond Drupal
Skill level

With the power of decoupling in Drupal. Websites now a days are majorly dependent on the JSON contract agreement between frontend and backend. This does not matter the JSON response is coming from JSON:API or Rest Resource Plugins.

How about caching all these rest APIs or JSON APIs in cache by hitting CMS parallely and store in any caching tools like redis instead of hitting CMS directly.

Frontend framework can hit the cache and show the content on the website. If fallback is enabled in redis in that case Data will be queried from CMS only otherwise result in 404.

This session will composed of approach of managing Drupal in a way that 

  1. Pregenerate Drupal.
  2. Making a Site Live with Dead Drupal.
  3. Kafka Invalidation integration with Drupal.
  4. Better logging with Sumologic.
  5. Setting up pipeline with Decoupled Drupal.