Modernizing Drupal Search with Elasticsearch & Search API

Submitted by malabya35 on Fri, 05/31/2019 - 23:44
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Code & development
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Drupal provides a core search module that is capable of doing a basic keyword search by querying the database. When it comes to storing and retrieving data, databases are very efficient and reliable. 

Elasticsearch is an open source search engine that rose to the top, being chosen from large organizations like Wikipedia and Github to small innovative startups. Elasticsearch also makes a very interesting complement to Drupal, pushing what can be done regarding search functionality 

This talk will cover what Elasticsearch is, why it's important, and integrating it with a Drupal application.

  • Overview of Elasticsearch
  • Configure Elasticsearch with Drupal 8
  • Building search server and index using Search API and Elasticsearch
  • Facet search to give more powerful results