Making Drupal Based Mobile Applications Ready for Real world through Automation Testing

Session Track
CI/CD & QA Automation
Skill level

With the Advancement in technology, people are getting more adapted to mobile devices. Also, Enterprise mobile apps have grown exponentially over the last few years, leaving the end user with a humongous number of apps to choose from.

So, App quality is the key to any app’s success and to test application on different platforms and various types of O.S manually takes much time, So In order to reduce the time needed for the overall testing process and also reduces errors and oversights in tests execution caused by a human factor. Here in, Mobile Automation fits in.

Appium  - A cross-platform mobile automation framework that is used for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS and Android.

This session will dive deep into the mobile and web element hierarchy and learn how to properly use selectors and identifiers. It will cover best practices for implementing selectors in Appium and Selenium Tests and how to make sure elements are identified and interacted with, covering the end to end functional testing of the mobile application.


  • Appium Tool Overview - Architecture, Pros & Cons
  • Use different object spy tools
  • Create robust selectors that can be used for any platform
  • Handle both dynamic and static elements
  • Use advanced XPath features
  • End to End testing of the mobile application.
  • Generation of Report

Key TakeAways for Audience

  • Kickstart to Mobile Automation.
  • Understand the mobile and web element hierarchy and how it affects element selection.
  • Learn how to design, implement and use a Page Object Model
  • End to End Testing of Mobile Application (Android/ios)