Keeping Drupal applications up to date - Challenges & solutions

Session Track
Code & development
Skill level

Enterprise Drupal needs to be kept up to date for 3 reasons - Security compliance, Access to up to date features & easy upgrade path to Drupal 9.  Keeping your Drupal applications up to date is a must.


In this session I wish to share my experience with implementing a large multi site-multi domain implementation & our journey moving it from Drupal 8.3 to Drupal 8.7. The site is under BLT automation. While implementing the  security update from 8.3.9 to 8.7.0, we have faced many a challenge. Key challenges include: migrating core media, recursive dependency plugin composer errors and more… Join me to find answers to hasten your next Drupal upgrade.

What to expect in this session?

  1. Drupal Product roadmap & release cycles

  2. How to upgrade?

  3. Need to upgrade through multiple releases

  4. Resolving conflicts like “recursive dependency plugin composer errors”

  5. Lightning specific version upgrade challenges.

  6. Media migration from contrib to core

  7. Upgrading in Acquia BLT Vagrant environment

  8. Upgrading in CI/CD environments with Jenkins - Creating deployable scripts

Who are the audiences?

  • Drupal Developer

  • Basic knowledge about Drupal upgrade