Formulating your Drupal 8 site with Layout builder

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Code & development
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We know a good and intuitive page layout builder should be easy-to-use and flexible.  It should be easy for site builders and content authors to develop pages, alter layouts and add or arrange blocks with live preview.
Layout builder is the unique, single, powerful visual tool in Drupal 8 whose objective is to
   1) Offering drag and drop interface for building layouts
   2) Creation of one-off landing page for not tied to a content type or unstructured data
   3) Ability to override the templated layout
   4) Customizing the layout of the content where you can choose the predefined layout for different sections for the page
   5) Ensures web accessibility standards
Here, we will demonstrate how the layout builder module achieves all these objectives and when we should use it. We will cover some of the major use cases like:
1)When and how we should use layout builder tool
2)How to configure layout build for content types and specific nodes.
3)How to create layouts and one-off pages
4)How to create layout and blocks in it.