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Skill level

Drupal 8 release was a huge paradigm shift for site owners and developers alike. This session will walk you through the adoption challenges of Drupal 8 and how Drupal 9 is going to be better. 

We will take a look at Drupal 7 support period, Drupal 8 end of life and Drupal 9 release focussing on the following points:
1) How all of these will affect your business/site? 
2) Discussion around what steps should you take to ensure a smoother transition? 
3) What areas does end-of life for a Drupal version impact for a site?
4) What if I choose to not upgrade or should I upgrade to Drupal 9 directly rather than taking a Drupal 8 route? What makes sense in which scenario?
5) Are there any community tools available that would make this transition smoother for me?
6) What should be my argument if the customer asks “If I should be upgrading the site to Drupal 8 or wait till Drupal 9 release”?
7) Strategy for evolving around building skill-set for future releases?