DRUPAL BOT POWERED BY GOOGLE AI - A Drupal Workflow Automation

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CI/CD & QA Automation
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Conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligences are rapidly growing in popularity for delivering more natural-feeling, convenient experiences for consumers.  In Drupal 8 new Chatbot API and Web hook integration module helps to surface content via bots and assistants without having to write reams of code for each AI you want to use.

   In the chatbot, the user intents provide an interface between end user to our bot. It designed to had a responsibility for taking input from the user and give back the proper response to it.

   The user intents are processed in the Dialog flow process pipelines such as CONTEXTS, EVENTS, ACTION AND PARAMETERS, RESPONSES & FULFILLMENT.

   Intents are added in the Training phrases and response, which are the inputs are expected from the user. it contains the different variations and parameters will improve the accuracy of intent matching which triggers the exact utterances provided by the end user.

   This Training phrase helps to extract parameters with the entities. It helps to categorizes the important parts of the user utterances.

   By using the Dialog Flow model (a natural language understanding model), EVENT STATES are specified such as CREATION, UPDATION, DELETION of those CONTEXT such as NODE, TAXONOMY, BLOCKS and VIEWS.

   In this prototype, User can create a node (or Entity) by commanding or make a conversation with this Drupal Bot. In Drupal Core, a content and configuration entities are subjected to its associated context. 


    User: Create a node
    BOT: Yeah Which node type?
    User: Basic Page.

   Then it is redirected to the Basic Page (Entity type) Node (Entity) creation page. Same process flow has been followed to all the states and its Contexts.

   The Web hook integration has been used to define the rules for working model of the actual workflow.

 User preferred response events are triggered from the fulfilment response in the dialog flow with the defined rules integrated in the web hook integration.

    All the defined process in the dialog flow are configured with the logics written(defined) in the custom module which is associated and mapped to the specified web hook integration.

The technical architecture of the Drupal Bot.


What to expect in this session?

  1. Chatbot and its Evolutions
  2. Types of Chatbot Platforms
  3. Types of work can be automated or augmented by Artificial Intelligence solutions.
  4. Why Drupal need AI Bot?
  5. How to employ an AI to resolve Work Complexity and Data Complexity of Drupal?
  6. How AI Bot influences the Drupal Ecosystem?
  7. Scope of AI with Drupal.

Who are the audiences?

  • Drupal Site Builders
  • People are interested in the Bot with the influence of AI.
  • Want to know about Dialog Flow model