Deep dive into Content Security Policy

Submitted by priya on Tue, 06/04/2019 - 15:57
Session Track
Code & development
Skill level

With Drupal 8 powering large Enterprise implementation, security of the implementations take the highest precedence. In this session I want to share with you my experience in working on a large API platform for one the largest Car rental platform and deep dive into some of the important security measures implemented & specific deep dive into Content Security Policy.

What to expect in this session?

  • Various Security standards available - OWSAP, PII & PCI
  • Introduction to Content Security Policy - features & benefits, the different directives used.
  • How Drupal Core implements Content Security Policy?
  • How do ensure you conformance of your implementation to Content Security Policy¬†
  • How do you test for Content Security Policy?

Who are the audiences?

  • Drupal 8 Developers¬†
  • Developers working on large enterprise solutions