Decoupled Drupal : Go or No Go ?

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Beyond Drupal
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Decoupled Drupal is one of the most exciting topics that captured many minds in the last few years. However, understanding the benefits and challenges that come with decoupling will help you determine whether or not Drupal is right for your business needs.

Should you decouple?

Just because we can build sites in creative and new decoupled ways doesn’t mean that decoupling is the right solution. There are many factors that should enter into that decision.

In this session we will cover all the advantages and Disadvantages of the Decoupling, If the benefits apply to your situation, it’s worth investigating. But, the challenges of decoupling may rule it out as a solution, at least for now

Take Away for attendees:

  • Things you should keep in mind while making decision for Decoupled Architecture.
  • Both Advantages and Disadvantages of the Decoupled Drupal.
  • Basic Rest API Demo