Content Writing Workshop by Vocabberry

Submitted by aditi.syal on Tue, 06/11/2019 - 14:08
Session Track
Business & Leadership
Skill level
  1. Market Wire: A 40-minute session to LEARN about content as a strategy to engage and deliver amazing interconnected experiences. Put this to use on LinkedIn profiles, CV making, corporate communications and more.
    • How to derive content for your services/products
    • Why is it important to write relevant content for your service/product
    • What all tools you can use to write dashing content?
    • SEO - Yay! or Nay?
    • Content Syndication
    • Content Marketing
    • Keywords and it's choice
    • How much content is too much content
    • Do you need to revise your web/personal/commercial content?
    • Everything else that you need.
  2. Hands-on Lab: A marketer's lab to APPLY what you just learnt! A workshop with a focus on use & application of content marketing tools within your academics and corporate.


Speaker Profiles:

ADITI SYAL (Founder – Vocabberry) Aditi holds a post grad degree in Journalism. She can write in a formal or informal tone, and have a structured way of thinking and expressing these thoughts and ideas. Besides this, her skills involve creative writing as well as informative writing, proofreading and editing. She strives to create content that is engaging and memorable to influence key stakeholders of a company.