Composing Theme

Session Track
Frontend & Web Design
Skill level

Drupal CMOs need their websites to be loading at high speeds - Durpal themers play a large load in this. Component based designs help to To bring in maintainability, reusability & optimized Drupal themes. In this session I will bring my experience in implementing a Durpal theme for a financial services client with Pattern labs.

What to expect in this session?

  1. Introduction to component based design

  2. Drupal-centric theme vs Component-centric theme

  3. Preparation process - A real life use case of Identifying components in your design & naming them

  4. A walk through of steps to create a component based theme

  5. Advanced effects, embedding libraries, tricks & tips for Component based theming

  6. Benefits of Component-Based Theming

  7. How Component theme work with pattern Lab?

Who are the audiences?

  • UI Developer

  • Interested to know about component based theme