Case study - How we automate tests for multiple Drupal sites using a single script

Submitted by jaspreet_1 on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 07:02
Session Track
CI/CD & QA Automation
Skill level

We want to follow industry standards with our websites and apps. One of them is to add test coverage to your website and applications as it provides lots of benefits.
This session is for people who want to implement BDD using Behat in their Drupal projects in general. Also is helpful for those who are working on a collection of similar sites like a multi-site setup or an ACSF setup where sites exhibit similar behavior.

Key takeaways
How to set up Behat to run tests for Drupal projects.
How to write non-javascript enabled tests using driver Goutte.
How to write javascript enabled tests using the Selenium driver.
How to configure behat.yml for multiple sites.
How to configure and create a PHP script to feed multiple URLs to Behat.
How to generate corresponding reports for each site the test runs on.