Building dynamic & awesome layouts with Layout builder

Submitted by malabya35 on Sat, 06/01/2019 - 00:47
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Code & development
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The latest stable addition to the Drupal 8 core is the powerful Layout builder module. Using the Layout builder site builders and maintainers can build landing pages quickly & efficiently using an intuitive, easy to use and flexible user interface.

Drupal has a long list of modules for page building. Drupal 7 had the most popular Panels to build layouts and page. Drupal 8's most popular module for page building is Paragraphs. Other notable modules include Display suite, Panelizer, and Bricks. So, where does Layout builder stands amidst all these tough competitors?

Well, Layout builder is actually a replacement for all the popular and powerful modules which gives the power to the site builders to create dynamic and beautiful pages. 

What will be covered in the sessions

  • Create custom layouts using Layout API
  • Customizing Layouts - Adding custom classes, IDs or more elements to Layouts
  • Using Layout builder for templated and structured contents 
  • Using Layout builder for unstructured data
  • Creating one-off Landing pages
  • Complementary modules to work with Layout builder
  • Theming Layout builder pages

At the end of the session, attendees will have a clear picture of how to use Layout builder in the real world.