Bricks to Buildings :: Components to Drupal Theme, join me to learn how to Architect your Drupal theme!

Session Track
Frontend & Web Design
Skill level

With Drupal serving large enterprise digital transformation use cases, front end development is the most important aspect of today’s Drupal implementations. CMOs want fast loading pages and agility to make changes to UI. All this can be achieved by building Component based Drupal themes. Like Bricks are to Building, Component are to Drupal themes. In my session I will walk you through a real life design layout and start with planning your components to actually implementing the theme.

Component-based approach becoming the standard for Drupal 8 development. The challenge for developers is trying to keep up with the latest changes,  even after we've learned a new tool, it can feel like our skills are soon outdated. Join me to learn how to Architect your Drupal theme using Component based design.

Prerequisite for attendees

  • Basic knowledge in front end part of web sites/application.(HTML CSS JavaScript).
  • Basic knowledge about CMS & Drupal

Session Details/Overview

  • What is theming and basic front end work with drupal cms.
  • Introduction about component based Front end Architecture.
  • Walk through the design to get various reusable components among them.
  • How to Implement those Components in Drupal.
  • Benefits of using Component based theme over traditional way theme in drupal.
  • Brief introduction about various component based design tools and best practices.