Automate your Drupal API's with Postman and Newman

Session Track
CI/CD & QA Automation
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With the rise in cloud applications and interconnect platforms, API testing is a necessity. Many of the services that we use every day rely on hundreds of different interconnected APIs, if any one of them fails then the service will not work

So here we need to have a fast, easy to run set of API regression test suite that verifies the internal changes do not break the API interfaces and therefore the applications that rely on the APIs will continue to function as before.

Postman is the Tool for Automating and Testing the APIs

Postman is an application for testing APIs, by sending a request to the web server and getting the response back.It allows users to set up all the headers and cookies the API expects and checks the response.The Request can be saved in Collections and folders for easy management.

So to run the postman collection via CLI, Newman- A command line collection runner is used 

Session Inclusions

  • Overview of postman & Making Simple API requests
  • Working with environment variables 

  • Handling Dynamic Parameters in Request Endpoint

  • Writing tests using Postman

  • Pre Request script in postman

  • Test and Collection Runner 

  • Automating it with Newman

  • Reporting