Authenticate and Animate Me - React Native

Session Track
Frontend & Web Design
Skill level

Authentication : All applications be it SPA, mobile etc, require local and social authentications, and developers have to spend time re-creating the same set of code almost always. Thus in order to save time on coding the same components, lets make it a re-usable one.
In react native, implementing social authentication is not as easy as it sounds, though descriptive documentation exits but the are time consuming, what if we could do all ( local, google and Facebook authentication) with a single parent wrapper component ? Sounds great to me( prevents surpass the same set of errors. )
Animations : Animations are crucial part of all our applications and they derive the user experience, implementing animations in react native is bit complicated and the complex part is ensuring it is 60FPS, and it is important that they ensure continuity in the application. 

Lets make the two ( Authentication + Animation ) for once and apply it as many times as wanted.


This talk would require per-requisites: 
1. Basic understanding or react / react-native
2. react-native / expo per-installed in the system