The art of building communities

Session Track
Skill level

The future of technology depends on how businesses are involved in our local/global communities. Be it crowdsourcing ideas or leveraging the power of a collective mind, community strategy for businesses is the epicenter of their marketing initiative. 

In this session, we would cover what communities are, what communities are not and how the power of the people brings changes to technology landscapes. 

My experience of working with global leaders who came up with the idea of 'community manger' to making big communities for fortune 500 companies would be highlighted here. 

The second leg of the session would dive deeper into Drupal community specifically. Cover how we were able to pull off two big DrupalCamps, Frontend (re)united, several Drupal meetups and codesprints in a span of just six months. This story is set to inspire the audience, showcase our challenges and most importantly, highlight the question 'what stops us from contributing'. 

The session is aimed to recruit new set of volunteers to start contributing to Drupal, explain how non-code contributions are special and how anyone can contribute, irrespective of background, knowledge, experience level etc. 

Lastly, the talk is also aimed at global camp organiser to help them understand the ecosystem strategy – understanding the participants, their motivations, and imaging what each type of community will look like in terms of resources required and outputs expected.