Apache Solr Behind the scenes

Session Track
Code & development
Skill level

Search is a key use case in every Drupal Enterprise implementation.  Apachesolr brings to us high performance faceted search results and acts our search engine. Understand what happens behind the scenes will help us identify how to configure and tweek solr to our needs.


WIll share in this session my experience in having worked in a large multilingual and multi domain

enterprise application - typical business use cases & how we solved for them.


Business use cases

  1. Parameters that affect relevance

  2. Relevance based on content age


Technical aspects

  1. Parameters that affect relevance

  2. How do you boost the relevance score

  3. Best bet concept

  4. Handling date in solr [ age… score…]


Who are the audiences?

  1. Basic knowledge about solr
  2. Interested to know solr behind the scene