How to submit a quality session?

The session selection committee will make their decisions by early June and speakers will be notified in early June.

Sessions will be selected based ONLY on the title, experience level and description of the proposed session. In the past, we have given preference to sponsors and/or previous speakers before anyone else.

After much discussion, we've decided this isn't the fairest approach. We discovered we were selecting sessions based on criteria that didn't always get us the best content, and this year we're determined to do it differently.

Sessions are organized by track (see below), and experience level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Here are some tips to maximize the potential for your session acceptance:

  • Tell a Story
    A high-quality speaking proposal isn’t just about what information you are going to share, it’s about how you plan to share it. Telling a story can make a conference proposal very powerful as it changes the perspective from “I’m an expert telling you how to do your job” to “I’ve been where you are and have felt your pain. Let me share what I learned.”
  • Share the Takeaways You Will Be Presenting
    Often, talks answer questions that start with “how”, “why”, “when” and so on. Make sure that you demonstrate what your audience will walk away having learned.
  • Proofread your Proposal
    This may sound like an easy and silly thing to call out, but it is in fact a very important step that many don't pay too much attention to. Double-check your spelling, your links, your grammar - you're presenting yourself with these words, so make sure you put your best foot forward.