GatsbyJS for Beginners - Workshop by JSLovers


Are you new to Gatsbyjs? Curious to learn it? Then you should not be missing this workshop at DrupalCamp Delhi. We will be learning about Gatsbyjs and will build a website + blog on it based on GraphQL.


  • Javascript working knowledge
  • Reactjs working knowledge
  • Github
  • Nodejs installed on Machine
  • Laptop & Charger
  • Water bottle


  1. What is Gatsbyjs?
  2. Project walkthrough
  3. Installation and preparing your system
  4. Folder walkthrough
  5. Codelab
  6. Preparing Data for the code-lab
  7. Data from Markdown + GraphQL
    and images, SEO etc.


It will be a 2-hour hands-on code-lab. Every attendee has to code.

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Speaker - Neha Sharma
Twitter -
LinkedIn -