Below you will find a list of common questions about DrupalCamp. 

General Information

What is a DrupalCamp?

DrupalCamps are 1-2 day event that focuses on sharing knowledge amongst the community in a local area (although participation is open to everyone). Essentially, you’re getting the community together to do some training, contribution. These camps are organized by local Drupal user group/s. 

What are the dates and venue of the camp? 

The camp will be held on 15 -16 June 2019 at JNU Convention Centre. 

How much does DrupalCamp Delhi cost?

The cost to attend is NIL. If you would like to support our local Drupal community further, you can become an Individual Sponsor for only 1000 INR. 


How do I register for the DrupalCamp?

You can register for DrupalCamp by clicking on "Log In" or "Register" on the homepage. If you need help with registration simply contact our support team.

How do I...? 

I’ve got an amazing topic and I want to present it at DrupalCamp - what do I need to do? 

DrupalCamp Delhi has an open call for papers (or sessions). You’ll need to submit your session online during this window to be considered for Session Selection. Find out if the current conference is accepting submissions by going to Submit a Session 

How can I offer Training at DrupalCamp?

To be considered to offer a Training at DrupalCamp you must submit a proposal during the Call for Training proposal, which occurs about 6 weeks prior to the conference. Find out if the current conference is accepting submissions by contacting us at drupalcampdelhi@gmail.com

I love DrupalCamp, how can I Volunteer to help?

We can always use volunteers to help out onsite as room monitors! Make sure to check "I'd like to volunteer" during the registration at the homepage. We would be happy to host you. 

Help, I’ve still got a question/need to report a bug!

Not a problem! Simply send an email with your question/bug to the DrupalCamp Delhi Team help desk at drupalcampdelhi@gmail.com and someone from our amazing customer support team will get back to you.