Axelerant Contribution Sprint



What is a contribution sprint?

Project contributions were traditionally referred to as sprints. In 2019, we updated the name to ‘contributions’ in order to reflect that all are welcome to participate! A contribution sprint is a get-together for focused work on a project. Contribution sprints (formerly known as just "sprints") are an important part of Drupal's growth, and provide great opportunities to get involved in contributing to Drupal itself. There are many contribution sprints scheduled for DrupalCamp, so come and collaborate in person with hundreds of other Drupal community members!


Who should come?

Everyone! You don't need to be a developer to contribute; we need: project managers, bug reporters, QA testers, people to help write documentation, etc... If you ARE a developer, but not sure where to get started, we have mentors to assist you.


Do I need to register for DrupalCamp Delhi 2019 to attend a contribution sprint or the contribution sprint day?

DrupalCamp contribution sprints are free to attend at the DrupalCamp venue, however, note that all other aspects of DrupalCamp require registration, including the keynote speech, workshops etc.


What if I'm new to Drupal and/or contributing, how can I join?

Those who are new are invited to attend the First-Time Contributor Sprint workshop. Many people will be contributing and different opportunities arise based on experience level.

If you know the tools but could still use help choosing issues and navigating the process, the Mentored Core Contribution Sprint is for you.


DrupalCamp Delhi Schedule Breakdown

Day: Sunday, June 16

Time: 12 PM - 4.15 PM

Room: Committee Hall


I worked on Drupal before, which contribution sprints are for me?

If you have experience with Drupal issues and maybe already know a team/topic, any of the DrupalCamp contribution sprint days may be for you. These contributions do not have formal mentoring available, but of course, if you have questions, there are many friendly people to help you.

For more information, read this post on on how to be a good Mentor. All you need to do is register for the code sprint.

Local Setup for first-time contributors

You can find the instructions to install drupal stack on your laptops on these links.

Both these installers are quick and easy to install and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

For contributors who are familiar with the setup process can set-up their contribution environment may use the method they are familiar with.

Drupal Community Tools:



Bitnami Drupal stack Installer:




Rewards and recognitions

The contribution sprint attendees and mentors will be rewarded with some giveaways and will be recognized online via Twitter for their contributions made during the sprint.


Register for the code sprint